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Pulse+IT Website - Banners

Pulse+IT Website - Banners

$950.00 AUD

Pulse+IT website banner advertising is sold on a Run of Site CPM basis of $95/1000 banner impressions, packaged in 10,000 impression increments.


When placing a booking, advertisers can nominate the campaign time period during which their banners are to display, e.g. a week, month, or a longer period. Naturally the shorter the campaign duration nominated to deliver your banner impressions, the more frequent your banner advertisements will be selected by our advertising platform to appear on the site.


The Pulse+IT website contains 4 banner positions:

  • Two 300x250 pixels (medium rectangle banners)
  • Two 728x90 pixels (leaderboard banners).

Advertisers can supply artwork in either one or both of these dimensions.

Artwork is served by the Google DFP advertising system, which supports GIF (animated and static), JPG, PNG and Flash banners. If supplying banners in the Flash format, please ensure artwork is additionally supplied as one of the other formats to ensure people viewing the website on an iPad or other device that doesn't support Flash will see an advertisement. For Flash files, please ensure clickTAGs are included the artwork so that statistics can be collected.

Further information

If you would like to discuss your advertising requirements or have any queries about Pulse+IT, please contact Simon James.

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