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Pulse+IT eNewsletter - Banners

Pulse+IT eNewsletter - Banners



The Pulse+IT eNewsletter service was launched in early 2012 as a twice-weekly eHealth news distribution, predominantly featuring original reporting by Pulse+IT staff writers. In 2013, Aged Care and Allied Health editions were added to the publication schedule, with a fortnightly edition for ACRRM members launched in November. Singapore and New Zealand eHealth editions will launch in 2014. Subscribers are free to choose which day/s they receive editions of the Pulse+IT eNewsletter to ensure our subscriber lists remain engaged.


eNewsletters contain two Medium Rectangle (300x250 pixel) advertising opportunities, each containing three artwork placements. Advertisers can elect to purchase either the Leaderboard or the Medium Rectangles, or exclusive access to all banners in the newsletter.

Artwork can be repeated throughout the eNewsletter, or multiple pieces of artwork can be supplied to showcase a range of products and services. Artwork can be supplied as GIF (static or animated), JPG or PNG, however Flash is not supported as most email clients do not display this format.

To ensure artwork loads quickly, each piece of artwork should be no more than 60KB in file size. A picture tells a thousand words; if you are not an existing Pulse+IT eNewsletter subscriber, you can review past editions and signup here:


Pulse+IT eNewsletter banner advertising opportunities, statistics and artwork specifications are available here:


If you haven't already, subscribe to the free Pulse+IT eNewsletter service using the following link:

Further information

If you would like to discuss your advertising requirements or have any queries about Pulse+IT, please contact Simon James.

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